About me

Hello there, Thank you for dropping by.

I have 3 adult children each with 1 child at this stage. Yes that’s right, they call me Nanny. Never Granny! I love and adore my family and we are incredibly close. They bring sunshine and happiness into my life every day.

I have just finished a very long and successful career in marketing and advertising. I am now on a different journey in my life and my world is now a blank canvas waiting for me to paint onto it my new and exciting life’s journeys.

The beach is one of my happy places as well as looking through galleries, live bands, concerts and markets.  I love travelling and have been to some amazing places. I have even been swimming with Sharks and Stingrays. I once had an amazing encounter with a huge deep sea turtle in Palau.

I also enjoy my creative side, which includes design and creation of knitted and painted items.